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The three dimensional force of Devotion Dynamism & Dedication will lead all to constructive process with positive thoughts safe guarding NATURE & universal brotherhood with a special emphasis on personality development. A milestone laid down for the years to come DAV Ispat Senior Secondary Public School, Rajhara Mines, Balod(CG) will keep nurturing minds to form TRUE HUMAN BEINGS respecting their motherland.
DAV Ispat S S Public School is situated among hillocks & Lusk greenery at Dalli Rajhara, Distt-Balod, Chhattisgarh, It is connected with rail route & state highway from Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh. This is the project school of BSP aegis of SAIL and came into existence on 1st Sep, 2010, A tiny sapling popped up four years back not to look back. The strength grew each year without fear till the saturation point. The motto of this institution is to shape up the student future by pursuing not only the intellectual well being of a student but also instilling the quest for TRUTH, COURAGE & SELF-EXPRESSION.
Our vision for the children of tommrow is incomplete, until and unless we enlighten the tiny tots of today, who will champion the cause of human values, Social Justice, Compassion and leadership so as to make this country, a far better place to live in, irrespective of caste, creed, community or religion. People at length speak of and realize about the task growing changes in education, amidst grave competitions. Every institution promises to give the properly balanced and quality education but it is DAV School, Rajhara which has an incisive motto which exclusively promises and endeavours to shape scholar multifaceted personality and inculcates in them interest in varied activities, to achieve optimum success. With the sparks of calibre in our students & gracious blessings from our parents we are confident that from this humble beginning to the times to come DAV Rajhara will grow as the group is known for it tradition of quality education and that it will grow & bloom bearing the fruit of a wisdom.
May the magical moments of school be ingrained in one and all for there could be nothing more SACROSANET than school which sends out a clarion call for peace, prosperity and commitment being the wheels of a forward-march is not going to look back. GOD SPEED & GOD BLESS. 

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Dav Ispat S S Public School
Rajhara Mines Pandar Dalli Marg Dalli Rajhara
Balod-491228, CHHATTISGARH
Ph. no. : 07748296109 (SR) , 07748285209 (PR)
Email : davispatrm@gmail.com

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